For any company, a good reserving assessment is a perfect financial and operational excellence strategy.

Keskikyla work with large insurers, getting involved in a particular and personalized way adapting the reserve studies to each particular case. We can assess your reserving against industry best practice and provide well tested solutions.

We are experts in every area of reserving:

  •  Providing independent reviews of reserving processes including validation of methods and results.
  • Prepare and perform actuarial analysis including losses and premiums projections, consultation on actuarial models, or capital modeling under local GAAP, IFRS and Solvency II regulation. 
  • Support Finance, market-facing business units, Claims, Risk, Capital Management, and other functions on reserving and strategic business decisions.

To do this, in Keskikyla we use the most innovative technological tools and methodologies to get the precision that your company needs.

We can help you quantify reserve uncertainty, and build and review processes and models suitable for your company.