Today, the insurance industry must respond quickly to regulatory demands and evaluate properly the risks with innovative technologies and a deep knowledge of the market to ensure economic solvency.

Our team analyzes and evaluates both the liabilities and the assets of the insurance industry to assess the current solvency and future capital needs.

Contact us if you need a company to help you design, parameterize and implement, in a independent way, a system that evaluates your internal capital model.

Services related to capital modelling:

  •  Evaluation of your tools and valuation models for financial instruments.
  • Optimization, design and implementation of a capital model appropriate to your needs.
  • Provide consultation and technical expertise on actuarial models and risk issues.
  • Develop new actuarial structures and processes.
  • Provide a model review to ensure that your model is optimally tuned for the rigours of Solvency II model runs.
  • Training of the company´s personal in the use of the capital model.
  • Assist in the development of risk based capital models as well as parameterization and allocation activities to support actuarial services.
capital modelling