Keskikyla solutions supports insurance and reinsurance companies to develop and refine actuarial structures in combination with the latest technologies. Our team expertise in providing comprehensive solutions to reinsurance businesses.

Actuarial Services

As experts in risk management and quantification, we provide a series of actuarial and other complementary services to ensure you get a complete and succesful result.

We offer different actuarial services for the insurance industry, such as product development and pricing, development and implementation of methodologies for calculating reserves, technology development, among others.

Our Purpose & Values

Our values and behavior are the basis to differentiate ourselves.


More than 15 years working with insurance companies in capital modelling, Reserving and IT systems.


We ensure independence in all our projects. Our decisions, judgments and approach will be taken for the benefit of our clients. For us it is a key value.


We want to gain the confidence of our customers only with our work, offering them the best results.


We use the most advanced software and techniques in all our studies.


We work constantly to create solutions that best suits your business needs.


We inform our customers about all changes and updates that somehow may affect to minimize operational risk and improve compliance.